Friday, March 2, 2012

F is for Fish

F is for Fish... and maybe Fast cars. But that may be a bit of a stretch for little ones. No school for Clark today. And as you can see, the minions all had their hair cut. Ok, Colonel Sanders didn't, but the rest did.
Clark is not use to bento lunches every day.
So he is extra excited over his.

Today we have our Fast cars. These seem to be a pretty big hit around here. Normally I use grapes for the tires. Today we have cheese (string cheese) rounds that were colored with food safe markers. I used peanut butter to glue them on. I also chose to put windshields in this time. Those were cut from processed cheese. I used raisins for the dirt track. Also we have celery sticks and goldfish crackers.

Next to that we have a Goldfish peanut butter and strawberry cream cheese sandwich. On top of that is a cheese angel fish (which I was to lazy to color in) and the letter F. On top of that are 4 green olives. Also we have some Danables crunchers yogurt for desert. Yep, I said desert. I have the minions convinced that yogurt is just like pudding or ice cream.

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