Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buttermilk bread roll bear

I decided to make buttermilk bread.  I then had the idea to make a small bun for the minions. It turned out pretty well I think! The recipe for it was pretty simple and did not take to much of actual working time. That is always a perk when you have 3 little ones at home all day and one in half day preschool.

I have a buttermilk bread roll in the shape of a bear's head. I sliced it and added peanut butter and jelly. The eyes and nose are pieces of cheese I used food safe markers to color. Also I have a hard boiled egg I put in the bear, car, and fish mold. Sadly the egg was not quite large enough to have the ears come out on the bear. Also I added 3 mint chocolate marshmallows as a desert. 
Pork picking the yolk out of his egg

In the other section I have 2 strawberry mice. There are several variations of these, but I first saw them on Bent On Better Lunches' blog. They have almonds for ears, a string cheese tail and mine are sitting on an animal cracker. I used some chocolate cream cheese to help it stick.  Also there are carrots, celery, raisins, and the minion's favorite, shredded cheese.

Today's owl and giraffe bentos were purchased from All Things For Sale. The orange Madagascar one was purchased off Ebay.

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