Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lorax and Green Eggs.

 I did my best. I can't say it came out as well as most other peoples. Good thing the minions are not to picky. All they know is they like their interesting lunches in their cute boxes. What did the minions do while I was making their lunch?

Pork Chop and Tyke got a hold of my not so awesome camera. They took turns taking pictures of themselves.... And what was left of a box of handmade chocolates their daddy gave me for Single Awareness Day. Good thing the minions are so cute. One day they will know better than to touch mama's chocolate.

The Lorax is an avocado sandwich. I know that sounds a little odd, but it is quite good. Toast the bread, add avocado, salt, and pepper and serve. Yummy! Even the minions will eat it. I tell them it is green cheese and it works every time.On top of that I placed some of your run of the mill processed
sliced cheese to make the body of the Lorax. To make his mustache I flattened some left over bread, added some cream cheese and used some fine shredded cheese to make it look fuzzy. I did the same with his arms but used more processed cheese for that.  The eyes are candy eyes. Surrounding our yellow friend are some animal crackers.

The idea for the green eggs came from a post I saw at Bentobloggy. She made pesto eggs. Sadly, I have no pesto or even basil. So I opted to use food coloring to dye my lumpy curried eggs. In person it looks much greener. Although besides the color, they look more appealing in the picture.

With the green eggs we have some ham (not going to dye it), carrots, a strawberry, blueberries and some goldfish.

Today's bento was purchased off of Ebay.

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Thematic Thursday


  1. Rose Corey,they turned out very nice. Lorax is super cute and I love the green color eggs.

  2. Great bento, the Lorax is cute! Love the selfie of your little on!

  3. I love the green deviled eggs. Fantastic job! :)

  4. Love your bright green eggs! And thanks for the shout-out!


  5. looks great! my daughter gets a hold of my camera/cell too and when I review pics, there are 5-10 pictures of herself making faces. lol!

  6. Hehehe.. Super cute Lorax. Your green eggs look delish!

  7. Super cute! Love the fuzzy cheese mustache!

  8. Cute Lunches! I love your green eggs :)


  9. The minions must have been pleased :) The Lorax is great!

  10. Looks great! Green eggs and ham are always fun :D