Monday, November 26, 2012

Car lunch

We have apple cars made with apples, biscoff spread to hold on the wheels, grapes sliced into wheels, and whole grapes. To the right of that we have a stuffed car sandwich, chicken sausage and cheese kabobs, and a ham and cheese kabob.

Colonel Sanders had the same as her brothers, only I cut things into smaller pieces.

 I had to work, so I made 3 of these. One for The Elder, one for Julie, and one for myself. I have kisses for a desert and some steamed broccoli. 

In the large compartment I made linguine  fresh diced tomatoes, yellow pepper, garlic, and olive oil topping. On top of that I made everyone a chicken and apple sausage.

I got the stuffed sandwich idea from one of my fellow bloggers. Sadly, I cannot remember who. So here are a few who have done it before!

has an egg salad stuffed sandwich. 

Bentolicious has a tutorial.

Mountains of Molehills made characters out of gluten free bread.

Susan Yuen has a tutorial on a DIY mold using a cookie cutter.
Bentoriffic has a heart stuffed sandwich.

And there was someone who used a jello mold to make stuffed sandwiches. I am not sure who it was and I have had no luck finding them. Anyone who knows who, please let me know so I can add them.

The minions did not eat to well. I know Colonel Sanders is teething. Yep, my little girl is getting 3 molars at once! I think she is an overachiever. So she is not to interested in food.

Pork played with the car and ate the ham and some fruit, but not much else. I am not sure why he did not eat. It is almost unheard of Pork not finishing his bento.

Tyke did not finish his either. I know he likes the meat and cheese kabobs. Good thing the boxes are easy to close and store. I just put the tops on and placed them in the fridge for an after school snack.

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