Saturday, November 24, 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. First we went to my parents house and then we went to The Elders parents house. Sadly I had to work Thanksgiving night. 

Both of our parents live outside of town. The first picture is Colonel Sanders and Pork standing in what use to be the goat pasture. I use to have 4 goats. 

This picture is Clark and Pork playing near the old goat pen. It started out as a play fort and as we got to old for it, my father turned it into the goat pen. It was amazing that even though it has not seen any goats for well over 14 years it is still sturdy enough to stand on the top.  Tyke played outside for a little bit, but his acid reflux was acting up (cold can make it worse) so he opted to go back inside and play with toys.

Here Tyke is at Pa's house! His cousin showed him how to play "Man Guys" aka WWE Wrestling. It entertained him for a little bit before he and his brothers went outside to play with their cousin.

This is one of my favorites. I did not want to post pictures of others in the family out of respect for their privacy. Here is a picture of The Elder, Colonel Sanders, and Pa eating Thanksgiving dinner. Colonel Sanders opted to stand in a chair.

We had a lovely time with our family.

However, I was amazed with how rude and impatient people can be just to get a deal on item(s). Never have I had so many people complain about following rules. Heaven forbid you do not get every special or there be a limit (clearly stated in the paper and on the item) on items on sale. Not to mention how a very select few can not only be rude to those associates for doing their jobs, but also to other shoppers. It greatly saddens me. If you shop during that time, accept that lines will be long, items will be out of stock, and that you cannot get every deal. Stop being so greedy.

The Elder and I went out Black Friday morning after I got out of work at 3am. I did not yell or complain if places were out of items, I was nice to everyone, and was understanding of those cashiers and others who were a little frazzled. It is not their fault when items are gone, lines are long, or many things that they get blamed for.

And believe it or not, the customer is not always right. I know this is a concept pounded into many Americans brains, but it is not true.   I have seen way to many people be rude to myself or others, use the "rule" to twist rules to fit their wants, or do it just because they know if they tell you that and throw a large enough of a fit they will get their way. Just think, you are using the same tactics your kids use on you.

I have not worked at all for several years now and have not worked retail for about 7 years. I am thankful I decided to apply for a seasonal position this year to "get out of the house". It gave me a very good reminder to be grateful for not only what I have, but also a reminder of how many of those who work the lower paying jobs are treated. Always remember, treat others as you would like to be treated and never take out  your frustrations on those poor souls.

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