Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homemade chicken nuggets and apple cars

First things first, I forgot to take a picture of  The Colonel's lunch. I am sorry. It was very similar to the other lunches only toddler friendly.

Today for lunch we have apple cars with blueberry wheels. I used a dab of sunbutter to keep the wheels attached. I also have 2 pieces of chocolate and some cheese. In the top tier (bottom) I have celery with sunbutter and homemade chicken nuggets.

Big boy Tyke eating his chocolate first. Funny tidbit: All 3 boys have that orange shirt he is wearing. I dressed both Clark and Tyke in it today. Luckily they are at an age where they do not care. I think it is cute when they are all matching.

The Colonel is still in her pjs. I am kinda lazy. Her toes get cold on our wood floors, yet she refuses to keep her socks on. So I sometimes just put her into another set of pjs when she wakes up. Clean clothes daily, just pjs instead of day wear.

My Pork Chop is growing up!!!! Look at him and then go back to one of the much older posts. He is thinning out. He is not so much a pork anymore.

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