Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Quick Attempt at Angry Birds

 I am not gifted in design... or patience. The boys have been obsessed with playing Angry Birds since I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I put a few Autism apps on it and Angry Birds. I now use Angry Birds as part of our bed time routine. Everyone gets 5 games which comes to about 3 minutes. I know it is funny, but it works as a transition between combing Clark and actually getting into bed.

Anyway, back to lunch. This is my lazy take on Angry Birds. I kinda want to cry. I had plans of doing better, but 3 fighting boys and a little ankle biter crying at my feet changed my mind. Oh well! They all knew who it was suppose to be.

I used salami and deli cheese to make the Birds and the Piggy. The Pig ended up yellow because I could not find my green food marker after 10 minutes of looking. Then Aunt Julie came downstairs after I colored the circle and handed the green one to me. *sighs*

I used one of Colonel Sander's sippy cups to cut out the circle. The smaller circles were cut out by hand or by using a straw. I am so awesome that I even forgot to give the pig a mouth (I just realized this as I was typing).

Just so you know, I remember nothing about the white bird other than it "poops out an egg" when you tap it. I am not even sure what it looks like other than it was white. I did take a look after the fact and well, I wish I wouldn't have. I am saddened even more by my lame birds. Oh well! Maybe I will go drink some more coffee. Coffee makes everything better!

The sandwiches are peanut butter and jelly. I also gave them strawberries (they prefer the tops on), sliced zucchini, a cheese stick, and 2 mini sausages.

I am so glad Tyke knew what I was trying to make for lunch. He was tickled pink! Tyke is my #1 lover of Angry Birds.

Want to see some really nice Angry Birds lunches?
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Another awesome Angry Birds Lunch from Creative Food

Ever wonder what I do with the scraps? Well, look at Colonel Sanders plate. She did not mind it one bit. I did cut up her strawberries for her, but I left them pushed together.

BUT WAIT! There are even more wonderful Angry Birds lunches. I promise all of them are much better than mine!

Angry Birds from Obento Mama!

Karen of Our Lunch Bags always does an amazing job. Her son is very lucky!

Feeling A Little Lunchy used lettuce for her pigs. They look great! What a cool idea.

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Lunch With Eyeness has a nice lunch.

Even better, Lunch With Eyeness has several here. I should have used my egg mold like she did!

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