Monday, February 20, 2012

Lazy lunch day

Banana with PB and almonds, ABC pretzels, zucchini, apple rabbit, grapes (under it all), left over pizza, and cheddar cheese.

Today Clark had no school. To top that off the Elder was also home for the day (work holiday). So lunch was a bit on the lazy side. Oh, did I mention that 2 of the minions had digestion issues? Yes, it was lovely. Since no one wants to eat oats or rice here, I attempted to make apples and banana fun. Seems to have worked.

Yes, today's rabbits have one eye. Why? Because Tyke said so.

Today was a busy day with everyone home. We decided to go grocery shopping after lunch. So I wanted something quick, easy, and still including something to help the sick minions. Luckily they loves the cute rabbits and the interesting banana. I thought maybe it could pretend to be a log.

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