Thursday, February 9, 2012

I think it could use some more... Pork.

This time half the box is leftovers from the night before. Last night it was not a hit with the younger crowd. So I gave it a second shot with some success! And yes, my goal last night was to eat something so fatty that I could feel my arteries clog.

We have a peanut butter pig with a ham nose, cheese nostrils, and candy eyes. Carrot sticks are to the left, bananas with red sugar sprinkles on top, and some grapes.

The rounds are bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with ham and 2 cheeses. Next we have bacon wrapped white asparagus and a sword pick with grape tomatoes on it. Today's letter and number actually go along with the box. There were 3 meat rounds and 3 grape tomatoes. P is for pig, pork, and pleasantly plump. If you notice, I never have any dips for the carrots. I learned that if I provide dip, the minions will eat the dip but not the veggies. If I have no dip, they will eat the veggies 70% of the time without encouragement.

Tyke actually ate the bacon wrapped chicken this time around. And Pork licked the asparagus several times. Once I turned my back he started to eat his bacon and chicken rolls. He is such a ham.

Pork trying the asparagus.

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