Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mama bento, not for minions.

 I made Onigiri (rice ball) for my lunch today. I am lucky to know of a really neat oriental market about 45 minutes away in Grand Rapids. It does not sell any bentos, but it does have rice seasonings, specialty noodles, and other things you will just not find in the supermarket.

The rice seasonings I used were shrimp, egg, and lastly salmon. I have to say while  I love shrimp, I was not to fond of the seasoning.  I hand made these. I would normally use plastic wrap to help me shape them, but I was out. I do have several rice molds, but none that size.

Below that is Tamagoyaki or a Japanese rolled omelet. This one just had cheese in it. I know it sounds kinda gross being cold, but if you add salt, pepper, a touch of sugar or vanilla and an open mind, it really was good. On top of that I have a dog made out of red pepper.
For my side dish I cooked carrots, mushroom, red peppers and half a slice of bacon.

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