Friday, February 3, 2012

Yo Ho ehh....

 Tyke (3 year old) is starting to figure out that lunch means "food toys". Or that is how he refers to his lunches. I guess I do not mind. He is actually eating more of his food now, which is great. His acid reflux makes him not always want to eat.

So, when I asked what they would like for lunch I had 2 "peanut butter jelly time" requests and one Aquanauts. Yeah...  There is no way I am going to even attempt one of their cartoon people.  Can you guess what the lunch today is? Ignore the letter and number of the day. I add those as a teaching aid. Yes, sneaky, but it works to teach them to recognize their letters and numbers. 

Anyway, in today's lunch we have a peanut butter "pirate" and a cheese and bologna boat. The food marker shirt came out so poor that I did not even attempt a face.

The other tier has cottage cheese and pineapple, blueberries mixed with apple fish, strawberries, and an Energy Ball.

I have discovered there are quite a few variations of Energy Balls. The recipe I semi followed I found on Momables . This is my take on it based what I had in my pantry and not wishing for something to sweet. I ended up making a double batch because when I tasted it with the honey, I thought it was way to sweet. I did not add coconut or the chocolate chips. I just wanted something basic and not to sweet for my first attempt. The nuts I used were almonds and I also added raisins. I have to say that this is super simple to make and the minions loved it! I even had to test it several times for quality control. And then a few more times to ensure that it sitting there for 2 minutes did not change the flavor. I am sure I came up with several other reasons to eat some more.

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