Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No bento, but Some new stuff!

Today I had the opportunity to go shopping alone! All I had to do was get my eldest on the bus and then drop the other 3 off. :-D  

While at Meijer (like a Super Walmart) I decided to check the baby aisle for the elusive Sassy On The Go lunch containers. Previous expeditions have proved futile. I really did not want to order one... Or three. This time I was in luck! I found 3 blue and 1 pink! Perfect! I put them all in my shopping cart and then realized that I had already spent all my "bento allowance" this month.  Sad, sad day. Until I remembered that Single Awareness Day is next Tuesday. We had not gotten the minions anything yet. So I picked up the 3 blue ones. I figured I could not get away with getting Colonel Sanders one since she is just shy of 3 month. I do have to say that these are smaller than my Gerber ones.  The divided containers are a nice perk too. I just have to wait 6 more day until I can take them for a spin. I only paid $5.99 each for them. That's not bad at all.

When I arrived home, I nearly tripped over a box coming in the storm door. Yes, beware, minions may block clear view of the floor. My mother had sent me a gift for my birthday. No, no bento there. Although I did have a package in the mail box plus an envelope from China! Two of my Ebay item had come.
I paid .11 total for this with free shipping!

I do realize that bentos can be in normal containers. I have some lunches in green Tupperware someplace on here.
This is for Tyke. He loves Cars. Don't worry, the other 2 have
some coming for them too!

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  1. It's so much fun to get bento supplies in the mail!! Looks like you got good stuff :D